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Give Your Body a Strong Foundation

Give Your Body a Strong Foundation

Improve your overall Health

The foundation of a healthy person is a strong musculoskeletal system. With today’s technology, you do not have to spend hours in the gym to keep your body strong. By using a clinical approach, and working with certified medical devices rather than traditional exercise equipment, we can help you maximize your body function and preserve your body!

You will work one on one with a certified exercise specialist that knows your health patterns and has designed a program specifically for you. In very quick sessions that last only 15 or 30 minutes, you will start to see and feel measurable results… and fast.



Maximize the strength & durability of your muscle fibers



Achieve muscular symmetry & stability on your feet



Maintain flexible muscles & range of motion in all of your joints



Work harder, play harder & just do more with better endurance



Emphasize correct posture for long-lasting health & confidence 

Function-Focused Therapy Programs

Our professional exercise therapists will work with you to create a personalized program to fit your body's needs to improve and maintain your health.



Our methods have a proven track record of increasing bone density without medication to minimize your fracture risk.



Get a competitive advantage by maximizing your muscle strength, agility, and recovery time by using our unique technology and protocols.



You don’t have lift weights, but you do need resistance training. Come for general conditioning and start taking care of your body.



Get the right diagnosis and treat your recovery seriously, start an exercise program that is going to help you advance, not set you back.

Thousands of Micro-Contractions

The Power Plate System For Faster Results

This amazing device is simply a vibrating platform that stimulates your muscles, nerves, and bones in a way that you get a full body workout in only a few short minutes!

Increasing your Body's Limits

The bioDensity System

By applying the science of isometrics, this device allows you to put a maximum weight-bearing load on your body. This intense, but safe, stimulus causing your body to react by increasing bone and muscle density.


When I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, I did not want to take prescription medication. I knew weight bearing exercise could help, but after suffering a stroke, traditional exercises methods did not work well for me. I started working with Wholebody Systems in 2015 and my bone density has increased as much as 35% in some areas! 

- Christine

- Randy

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