Therapeutic Exercise

Wholebody Systems is a therapeutic exercise program that uses the latest in isometric exercise (bioDensity) and vibration technology.  Using these cutting edge instruments, a 15 minute personal training session is all it takes to strengthen your muscles, bones, and body systems.  Make an appointment to come see us today!

Using the vibration plate stimulates your nerves, muscles and bones continually, increasing the efficiency of any movements and providing a full body workout in as little as 8 minutes! It can be used for therapeutic purposes or more intensive training to target specific muscle groups or problem areas. It is great for improving balance, boosting circulation and energy.  Learn more here.

bioDensity is an innovative, cutting edge instrument that allows you to build muscle and bone tissue in as little time as 5 minutes, once a week. Using isometrics, bioDensity allows you to put a maximum weight bearing load on your body. This stimulus can change your body composition by increasing muscle and bone density and is a great treatment for osteoporosis.  Learn more here.

All 15 minute sessions are administered by a Wholebody Systems trainer. Your trainer will know your health patterns and customize each routine to suit your specific needs. One on one attention provides the right motivation, and using this cutting edge technology allows us to accomplish a lot in 15 minutes, making for a more convenient way to take care of your body.