Get Better with Exercise Therapy

Come in and work with a certified exercise specialist who will customize your 15 minute sessions using advanced fitness technology. After we conduct a thorough evaluation of your current physical status, we design and implement a program tailored to your individual needs.  Our goal is to maximize the function of your body by restoring strength, flexibility, posture, endurance, and balance.


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Get Stronger with bioDensity

bioDensity is an innovative, cutting edge technology that helps to build muscle and bone tissue in sessions that last only a few minutes per week. Using isometrics, bioDensity allows you to put a maximum weight bearing load on your body. This stimulus can change your body composition by increasing muscle and bone density and is a great treatment for osteopenia and osteoporosis.

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Get Limber with Power Plate

The whole body vibration platform continually stimulates your nerves, muscles and bones so that you can get a full body workout in only a few short minutes! It can be used for therapeutic and rehabilitation purposes or more intensive training to target specific muscle groups or problem areas. It is great for improving balance, boosting circulation, and increasing bone density!

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