The Latest in Isometric Technology

bioDensity™ technology makes it easy for anyone to experience the benefits of a heavy weightlifting workout. By putting the body in the best position to produce the most power, this machine allows the user to exert pressure on their bones and muscles that is otherwise impossible. That pressure causes an adaptive response that results in stronger muscles, bones, and neuromuscular function. From high-performance athletes to compromised, elderly individuals, bioDensity represents an option for everyone to maximize their body strength!


Muscle Density

Our muscles are made up of muscle fibers.... and those fibers are made up of tiny little muscle strands called myofibrils.  In regular workouts, we increase the size of the muscle fiber through multiple repetions.  With bioDensity, we are increasing the density of the muscle fibers by multiplying the myofibril count.  This type of muscle development is not only stronger, it is longer lasting.



 Bone Density

Our bones are made of a supple material that responds to weight bearing pressure.  bioDensity allows you to put the greatest amount of weight bearing pressure on your bones that your body can generate.  The adaptive response in the bones is to get stronger to resist the pressure.  This technology has been proven to, over time, reverse osteoporosis and naturally increase bone density.




A Growing Need for a Wellness Alternative

"bioDensity™ is a very effective modality for improving endurance, strength and bone mass. Its a fast and efficient way of improving muscle and bone strength. It also provides a predictable and measured change in muscle and bone mass. Functional and daily activities improve with bioDensity™ training."

Dr. Raj M. Singh
Double Board Certified, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Medical Director Neurospine and Rehabilitation, Barrow Neurological Associates

"NASM recognizes that bioDensity™ training represents a new, leading-edge approach to increase strength and bone density gains for the aging, sports performance and de-conditioned markets. We are committed to working with Performance Health Systems to manage the evidence-based research process through accredited research institutions; both in the sports science and medical communities."

Dr. Micheal Clark,
Chief Executive Officer,
National Academy of Sports Medicine

"Until now, we have never been able to maximize the central nervous system involvement, or measure results for analysis – PHS bioDensity™ technology provides this capability. The data results that PHS provides will play a significant role in preventing and/or minimizing many degenerative conditions that people experience today.”

Dr. Kevin Steele,
Chairman of the Performance Health Systems Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, past chair of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and member of the American College of Sports Medicine