As we try help our clients achieve goals of stronger bodies and healthier lifestyles, we discover that one of the major road blocks is convenience. Most people… well, a lot of people know what they need to do to make improvements but they just lack execution. When designing a plan to achieve a certain goal, it is important to factor in the logistics of how easy you can make it happen. There might be a neck specialist that could fix your bulging disc, but you have to see him 3 x week for 10 weeks and his office is 70 miles away…. just an example.

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One of the major things that we also promote is a whole food diet where we are getting all of our nutrients from real, natural foods. When you are trying to do something like reverse osteoporosis, having proper nutritional balance is essential for success. It can be particularly challenging to get enough of certain nutrients to do this, which is why sometimes supplements are a good option. However, there are a lot of foods that can easily be worked into the daily diet, it just takes a little work.

Everyday Health put together a list of their 7 Best Bone Building Foods. These are items that can easily be worked into the diet and are a much healthier alternative to taking supplements. Check out their list here:

They also discuss how caffeine consumption can cause you to lose calcium:

 Drink caffeine and you’ll lose more calcium in your urine one to three hours afterward. Drinking more than two or three cups of coffee per day is associated with bone loss in postmenopausal women when their calcium intake is inadequate. Aim for 1,200 milligrams (mg) of calcium daily – the equivalent of four cups of milk or yogurt – if you’ve hit menopause.

All we can do is try our best to be as healthy and happy as we can. There are tons of challenges and roadblocks out there that can get in our way. We can make things easier on ourselves if we just keep it simple. Getting the right mix of nutrients to help with bone growth through a whole food diet can be very challenging. The more types and tricks we learn along the way, the more likely we are to have success.

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Alex Simmons, Owner and Director of Wholebody Systems