Something that I am continuing to see come up in conversation are the growing list of negative side effects associated with bone density drugs. There are several different versions of pharmaceuticals on the market now that promote osteoporosis treatment. All of them have a list of negative side effects, and when compared to the modest benefits, they hardly seem worth the risk.

Consumer Reports is a good source to get unbiased information on a lot of different types of products. They did a report on a class of bone density drug called bisphosphonates (Fosamax) and the findings were very interesting…

Early studies of the drug, for example, suggested that it was no more likely than a sugar pill to cause gastrointestinal problems. But within a year of its introduction, reports of adverse events, including injuries to the stomach and esophagus, began pouring in. That prompted Merck, the manufacturer, to issue revised labeling for the drug. And that was just the start. Alendronate has received an eyebrow-raising 16 FDA-mandated changes to its label related to updates on its safety and side effects.

There is also some detail about alternative methods to strengthen bones, specifically exercise…

 Any activity that puts pressure on the bones, including walking, dancing, and other weight-bearing aerobic activities, can also build bone. So can strength training. Those exercises also build muscle and improve balance, both of which can help prevent falls that cause fractures. Exercises such as tai chi may also help by improving balance.

At the end of the day, anyone given an osteoporosis diagnosis should take it very seriously. A severe break or fracture at an older age can be life altering. I would just encourage everyone to do as much research as possible and make the best decision based on what you learn. Any decision to start taking medication should be made after comparing the benefits to the risks.

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